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I commissioned this work from Val having loved her painting 'Hokusai Says IV'. This is one of a series that she produced in response to a poem of that title by Roger Keyes, which includes the line: 'Live with the world inside you'.

For my part, the colour and form of her original painting depicted the process by which I learned to walk again against medical odds: acknowledging nerve damage but immersing oneself sufficiently to recognise opportunities to work with and around it.

Val is a joy to work with, sensitively drawing out the aims and perspectives of her client and responding to these in her art. My physical limitations have required the conversion of our garage into an ensuite bedroom on the ground floor, and Val's painting has slipped effortlessly into being the focus of that room. Many, many thanks.

Lesley James, Hayfield, Derbyshire

I comissioned Val to make a painting in memory of my Mum. I heartily recommend it,

I found it an engaging and healing process. Val asked me about my Mum, as well as about our relationship with great sensitively and perceptiveness. I am delighted with the result, which very much reflects for me the whole process of reflecting on my  loss, our relationship, and how I felt about about it all.

The paintings (I ended up with two!) mysteriously express all of this beautifully, and have become an integral part of my process.

Val consulted me at every step of the way, always emphasising that I wouldn't need to buy the finished result if I didn't like it. The size and price were discussed early on and there were no unpleasant surprises at the end. I felt I was treated with kindness and respect at every step.

Prabhakari, Shropshire


Val made the process very easy once she accepted a commission for an abstract in our oak garden room. We were first drawn to her work by a picture called ‘Lyrical’ due to the depth of shades used and we seemed to share an understanding of the vibrant colours and light in the southern hemisphere which she translated into her paintings. She asked relevant questions such as the view from the garden room and requested images. The photos helped her to incorporate the warm oranges and fiery reds of the flowers in our garden which we loved.  At no point did we feel concerned during the time frame Val gave due to regular updates as the painting progressed. We were blown away by the end result. It was a masterpiece, a ‘crucible’ of deep and meaningful colours which change in the light; she had beautifully incorporated our aspirations and we feel an emotional connection every time we look at the painting.

Bo and John Harris, Derbyshire

Hi Val

I would like to give a big thank you for your help with Jayne’s 60th birthday present. After our chat about her passion for wild swimming and particularly for our nearest spot at Barbrook which she visits every week I believe you really were inspired after visiting Barbrook personally to create your fabulous interpretation of the scene. It now has pride of place in our lounge and is very special for both of us. 

Stephen and Jayne Gordon, Derbyshire

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